Colour Hardener - Plum 25kg

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Surface Colour Hardeners 25Kg
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Multicrete surface colour hardeners are blended from specially selected hard-wearing aggregates, UV resistant pigments, dispersants and portland cements. The product significantly enhances the durability of concrete wearing surfaces. Gives a uniform and attractive colour to concrete surfaces.

Multicrete products colour hardener is a ready to use dry shake material for colouring, hardening and finishing new concrete surfaces. Trowelled into newly laid concrete to produce a smooth finish to the surface or given a textured finish with imprinting stamps.


The subgrade must be uniformly graded, compacted and moistened, but free of standing water.


The concrete should be designed to meet the strength and finishing requirements of the project. All fine and coarse aggregates must be non-reactive and free of deleterious material. Water in the concrete should be kept to the minimum compatible with concrete placement finishing. The maximum recommended slump is 100mm (4'') Multicrete products colour hardener is compatible with water reducing, set retarding and air-entraining concrete admixtures. Avoid using admixtures containing calcium chloride.


Apply Multicrete products colour hardener after the concrete has been placed, roller-stamped, bull floated and excess bleed water has disappeared from the concrete surface.

Multicrete products colour hardener should be applied at a rate of 2.5kg's per square metre in two applications.

After the first application, float in the colour.

A second application of colour should be applied to weak tone areas until slab gives a complete and uniform appearance. Bull float the concrete surface after the first application, but do not trowel. After the second application of Multicrete colour hardener the area can be trowelled using a large ''Fresno'' steel trowel. Avoid excess trowelling for the most uniform colour results. In high temperatures, direct sunlight and wind, the surface can ''crust'' and will not imprint with good detail.


1 x 25kg bag per approximately 10m2.


Weight: 25kg
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Colour Hardener - Plum 25kg
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